• Cleaning Up the Environment

    Developing grade above 90% recycling solutions
    For a Greener Future, Today!
  • Community Benefits
  • Impact Investing in Africa

Uncovering the Big Potential of E-Recycling

A lot of electronical scrap is piling up in developing countries. Now is the time to make an impact in cleaning up using true recycling, and the best available technology (BAT) to extract the precious metals for more than 90% reuse.
Only in Ghana a potential of 40 M scrap mobiles is waiting to be collected. With nationwide partners GA90 is using reverse logistics, enabling break even at the end of 2016 with revenues of over 1 M€ and EBIT of 25% year-on-year.

Green is Good for All

Reverse e-material waste into valuables and sustainable reuse.
Take part in clean up of e-waste, turning scrap mobile phones into reusable material. Valuable extracted material includes gold, copper, cobolt and zink.
By using business as a tool GA90 IS MAKING AN IMPACT NOW in Ghana in co-operation with socially responsible partners nationwide - benefitting the local community!

Converting e-Scrap into Precious Metals

GA90 Recycling Ltd Takes on the Challenge

6.6 million tons of e-waste is missing: According to local Ghanaian and Nigerian sources interviewed by CI’s partner organisation, DanWatch (2008), as few as one in four of the imports are working, while the remaining electronic waste, also known as e-waste, often ends up on dumpsite fires

Disposed or secondary electronic devices contain valuable material i.e. zinc, nickel, silver, gold to mention some precious metals.  On the other hand, e-waste is laden with toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium that can leak into water, soils and the atmosphere, posing significant environmental and human health risks. This is an enormous problem, especially in developing countries. Watch our business partner, Akkuser, in action:

GA90 Cleans-Up and Converts e-Scrap into Precious Metals

in Ghana and Nigeria by:

  • Educational and Training Activities
  • Collection through Nationwide Logistics Networks – made possible by cooperating with strong local partners.
  • Sorting, Professional Handling of Precious Metals – with professional business partners from the EU.
  • Utilizing Best Available Technology for Crushing and Extracting Precious Metals – by our paying customers!

Piloting has already finished in Accra, Ghana. The following pilots will be executed in Nigeria and Indonesia as well as extensions in Ghana.

GA90 strenghtens team for African and Asian markets

NG Felix and jhjGA90 Recycling Ltd has strenghtened the team for market expansions with Ms Evita Hapavaara and Mr Felix Gideon Odu.  Mr Felix Gideon Odu will head up operations for Nigeria and Ms Evita Haapavaara will head up the operations for Indonesia.  Both will cooperate closely with the executive management of GA90 Recycling Oy, in order to plan and deploy future market growths.

GA90 Recycling expands to Nigeria and Indonesia


GA90 Recycling Oy has 25.4.2014 signed an MoU with local partners for Nigeria and Indonesia operation under the GA90 Recycling name. Piloting will commence immediately in Nigeria. Indonesia will start by testing at shopping malls.

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